Hormone-free contraception

Contraception without hormones is defined as a medical device and is therefore sold without a prescription in pharmacies. Medical equipment is not subject to the same requirements for research and testing as pharmaceuticals. This does not mean that hormone-free contraception is inferior. We have extensive experience with copper coils and condoms, and can be confident that we give good and correct advice with regard to effectiveness. The newer methods do not have as much experience with them and it is therefore difficult to say how effective they are.

Copper spiral
The copper spiral contains no hormones and is a good contraceptive choice for women who do not suffer from pain or heavy bleeding during menstruation. The disadvantage is that it can cause increased bleeding and increased pain during menstruation, especially in the first months.

The copper coil is located in the uterus and is the safest non-hormonal contraceptive on the market. The copper changes the environment in the uterus so that the sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg is inhibited and thus prevents fertilisation.

The copper spiral is a long-acting contraceptive and can be used for up to 5 years. You can read more about copper spiral here. LINK I SVART

Do you want a copper coil?

At Amathea Bergen and Oslo, you can get a free appointment for inserting, removing and changing IUDs and IUDs, as well as IUD checks. At Amathea OsloLINK you can buy copper spiral/ pearl spiral Ballerine or copper spiral Novapluss.

Condoms are the only contraceptive that protects against both sexually transmitted infections and pregnancy. It is therefore recommended to be used during oral and anal sex, in addition to vaginal intercourse.

Condoms reduce the sensitivity of the penis. For some this can be experienced as problematic, for others condom use can help prevent premature ejaculation.

The condom’s protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases depends on correct use and that it is used throughout intercourse. If the condom is not used during intercourse or breaks, Amathea recommends a pregnancy test after three weeks.

Du får gratis kondomer på alle kontorene til Amathea. NY LINK OG OVERSETTE

A pessary is a cup made of silicone. The pessary is inserted into the vagina so that it becomes a mechanical barrier that blocks sperm from reaching the uterus. It is designed to fit most women (80%), but it can be difficult to know if the pessary fits properly.

The pessary must be used together with contraceptive gel.

Amathea does not recommend the use of a pessary, as it has a relatively poorer effect against pregnancy compared to other methods.

Natural contraception
Amathea does not recommend natural contraceptive methods such as temperature measurement and app registration to our users who do not want to become pregnant. Natural contraceptive methods have poor safety against pregnancy compared to copper coils, condoms and hormone-based contraceptives.

Natural birth control methods require monitoring changes in discharge, temperature and cycle. Stress, illness and travel can make the cycle irregular and thus the method less safe.

Hoppe av i svingen
Interrupting intercourse before ejaculation is called “jumping off the swing”. This is a very unsafe form of contraception.

The penis releases precum before the actual ejaculation. Precum is a clear liquid that comes out of the urethra and may contain sperm, which in turn can reach the uterus and fertilize the egg.

In many cases, it can also be difficult to have full control over ejaculation, so that you do not have time to ejaculate in time.

Amathea anbefaler graviditetstest tre uker etter samleie der det er “hoppet av i svingen”. Graviditetstest kan du få gratis på alle kontorene i Amathea. Du kan også kjøpe en test på apotek eller i matbutikk.  

Where can you get a prescription for the desired contraception in Amathea?

  • Bergen
  • Oslo
  • Trondheim
  • Tønsberg

Where can you have an IUD and IUD inserted or removed in Amathea?

  • Bergen
  • Oslo

Contraceptives you can buy and deposit for free at Amathea Oslo:

  • Hormonspiral Kyleena
  • Hormonspiral Mirena
  • Hormonspiral Jaydess
  • Kobberspiral/perlespiral Ballerine
  • Kobberspiral Novapluss
  • P-stav Nexplanon


  • If you are younger than 22, it pays to collect a prescription in advance. As you can have all or part of the contraceptive covered by the state. 
  • If you are older than 22, you can pick up a prescription or buy the contraceptive from Amathea and pay with Vipps.

Other places you can get help with this are:

  • Health center for young people
  • The Student Health Service
  • Midwife in the municipality
  • The GP

Source: Sex og samfunn