After an abortion or miscarriage

Everyone has their own story and experiences. Although an abortion may be self-determined and intentional, it is common to experience many different emotions, such as relief, remorse, sadness, uncertainty and grief. These reactions may arise immediately or much later. There is no right or wrong reaction, and only the person concerned knows how they feel.

Many will feel the need to talk to someone afterwards. It can be helpful to get some answers, sort through thoughts and talk about the experience. For some, it may help to talk things over with their partner, friends or family. Others may find a neutral professional such as Amathea more helpful.

In our conversations with clients, we find that the following topics are fairly common:

  • My experience of the abortion
  • Uncertainty
  • My physical and mental health
  • Feelings of guilt and shame
  • Sense of loss
  • Grief and mourning
  • Relationship with my partner/co-parent
  • Relationship with my family
  • Social or cultural pressure
  • What will my future be like?

Do you need someone to talk to?
At Amathea, you will meet healthcare professionals with extensive experience in counselling after an abortion. We are a healthcare service, have a duty of confidentiality, and can help you in your situation and in making your decision. You may come alone or together with your partner or co-parent.

All of our services are free of charge. We offer sessions in Norwegian and English. We can also book interpreters for other languages. A session here lasts about an hour, and you can talk with us on video, by phone, or at one of our offices. You decide how many sessions you need, and we will schedule these together.