Do you need someone to talk to?

At Amathea, we have extensive experience and expertise in counselling individuals with partners who are or were pregnant – after the pregnancy is discovered, before taking the decision whether or not to have an abortion, and in the time afterwards.

Some are in a permanent relationship with the person who is or was pregnant, while others are not. For some, the pregnancy was a surprise, while for others, this was planned. Although the situations may be quite different, many will feel the need for answers to their questions, and for someone to talk to.

As a partner, there may be many questions you would like to have answers to. Am I the father? What do I do now? What if I don’t agree with the decision? What will my future be like? What are my rights? It may be helpful to talk to someone who can help you find the answers you are searching for.

On our website here you will find a lot of information, and you are welcome to contact us in Amathea, we will help you!

If you would like to speak with a neutral professional, you can contact an Amathea health nurse, GP or midwife. For others, a partner, friends or family can be a good conversation partner.

The most important thing in the conversation with us is that you get the time and opportunity to talk about what is important to you. It should be a safe place where you can talk openly, without anyone’s opinion of what is right or wrong.

Topics that are often touched on in our sessions are:

  • Your situation at the moment
  • What should I do as a partner?
  • Paternity
  • Co-maternity
  • What are my rights?
  • What will my future be like?
  • What if we disagree?

Do you need someone to talk to?
At Amathea, you will meet healthcare professionals with extensive experience in counselling after an abortion. We are a healthcare service, have a duty of confidentiality, and can help you in your situation and in making your decision. You may come alone or together with your partner or co-parent.

All of our services are free of charge. We offer sessions in Norwegian and English. We can also book interpreters for other languages. A session here lasts about an hour, and you can talk with us on video, by phone, or at one of our offices. You decide how many sessions you need, and we will schedule these together.