After week 12

If you want to have an abortion after the end of the 12th week of pregnancy (11 weeks and six days), you must apply to the medical assessment board for permission for this procedure. This involves submitting a request. You can contact the hospital directly, or you can contact your GP or gynaecologist. You can choose which hospital with a medical assessment board you wish to send your application to.

Amathea can also help you navigate this process.

Medical assessment board
Once you have applied to the medical assessment board, you will be invited to attend a meeting with the board, which is comprised of two doctors (one woman and one man). You have the right to attend the meeting with the board, but you can decide whether or not you wish to attend. If you do not wish to attend the meeting, you or your doctor can send a written justification along with the request for an abortion to the board.

If you decide to participate, you may have someone accompany you to the board meeting. At the board meeting, you will have the opportunity to present your situation and why you wish to have an abortion. The members of the board will listen to you and your explanation, and they will take this into consideration in their assessment.

After the meeting, you will be informed of whether the abortion is granted or refused. This decision must be presented in writing, and you are entitled to a justification. Should the application be rejected, the decision will always be sent to a central appeals board that will process the case, unless you decide to withdraw your request. This is to ensure that there is equal processing of these applications all over Norway. Most people who wish to have an abortion after week 12 are granted their request. The requirements become stricter the further the pregnancy has come. Read the information sheet for those who are seeking an abortion after week 12 of the pregnancy.

An abortion after week 12 of a pregnancy can only be performed in hospital. You will be given medicines that induce contractions, which will start the abortion process. You will be given pain-relieving medicine once this begins and until the process is completed. It is important that you let the hospital know what you need in this situation.

After an abortion
After an abortion, vaginal bleeding will gradually stop after two to three weeks. Use a menstrual pad as long as you are bleeding. Tampons present a risk of infection and must be avoided. You should avoid sexual intercourse, swimming and bathing after an abortion, or for as long as you are bleeding. Showering is fine.

Do you need someone to talk to?
At Amathea, you will meet healthcare professionals with extensive experience in counselling after an abortion. We are a healthcare service, have a duty of confidentiality, and can help you in your situation and in making your decision. You may come alone or together with your partner or co-parent.

All of our services are free of charge. We offer sessions in Norwegian and English. We can also book interpreters for other languages. A session here lasts about an hour, and you can talk with us on video, by phone, or at one of our offices. You decide how many sessions you need, and we will schedule these together.