How to schedule an abortion?

If you wish to schedule an appointment for an abortion, you can phone the hospital to make an appointment yourself, or you can ask your GP or gynaecologist for assistance. To schedule an appointment yourself, contact hospital reception or the gynaecology department at the hospital. You do not need a referral from your GP, nor do you need to explain your decision in order to schedule an appointment. You are not required to take time to think about your decision.

The appointment you make will be for a pre-examination and a consultation at the hospital. During the pre-examination, healthcare staff will measure your blood pressure, listen to your heart and lungs, and take an ultrasound to determine exactly how many weeks you have been pregnant. The ultrasound will be internal, which involves inserting a small oblong rod into the vagina.

Hospital healthcare staff are required to give you adequate information about your options for a medical or surgical abortion, and your option to have this done in hospital or at home.

Healthcare staff are required to provide information and guidance in an objective manner, without expressing any personal opinions. You are entitled to an interpreter when talking with hospital staff if you need one. It is a good idea to let the hospital know whether you need one when you make the first appointment.

Is an abortion free of charge?
Anyone living or staying in Norway has the right to an abortion according to current regulations. Should you have any other questions about whether or not abortion is free, you can learn more about this here.